Newsletter #125

Stoned fish

Farmed fish can get stressed about their crowded living conditions, which leaves them more susceptible to illnesses. Scientists in Lebanon wanted to see if marijuana lowered that stress, so they gave some penned tilapia cannabis oil. The results? The stoned fish were not healthier or less stressed, but their metabolisms increased. Duly noted.

Former NBA commissioner talks cannabis

David Stern, former commissioner of the NBA, said that marijuana should probably be taken off of the league’s banned substances list. If only Stern had been vocal about this during his time as commissioner.

Posh pipes

A young art dealer is making a name for himself by selling high-end marijuana paraphernalia. Prices climb as high as $300,000. See some of these beautiful (and expensive) pieces here.

Bonsai trees or pot plants?

A Japanese man was arrested in Osaka for growing and selling cannabis, which he had meticulously cultivated to look like bonsai trees. Very impressive. Also, very illegal.

How marijuana can help sick kids

Medical marijuana is effective at treating seizures and chemotherapy-induced nausea in children, according to a new study. Read more about the research here.

Newsletter #124

DOJ admits fault in Washington marijuana case

Back in 2014, the Department of Justice went after five Washington state residents for the supposed crime of growing and using medical marijuana. The case drew national attention because the defendants had complied fully with Washington state’s laws.

This week, the Department of Justice acknowledged that the department was not authorized to spend money on the prosecution of these individuals since they were abiding by state law. Does this mean the DOJ is done going after state-legal businesses and patients? Probably not. Read more about this case here.

Crowdfunding site closes campaign for cannabis-cultivating wildfire victims

The California Growers Association started a campaign on, a crowdfunding site, to raise money for the marijuana farmers affected by the disastrous Northern California wildfires. WePay, the company that processes payments for YouCaring, is refusing to pass along over $13,000 in donations. The reasoning? Marijuana is illegal on the federal level, so fundraisers for anything marijuana-related are not permitted. Not surprising, but very disappointing.

High at a haunted house

Do you ever get really stoned and think, “I wish I was experiencing a real-life nightmare”? No? Well, some people do, apparently. A horror simulation company has come up with a terrifying, 420-friendly experience. Guests will have the option to consume cannabis while being scared sh*tless. Different strokes for different folks.

Weed-ignoring K9 dogs

The police department in one Colorado town understands that since marijuana is legal, K9 dogs shouldn’t be trained to sniff out the drug. The department is retiring its cannabis-sniffing dog and welcoming two new pups who will happily ignore marijuana smells.

Pumpkin spice pot

Some people wait all year for pumpkin-flavored everything. Now, autumn-loving, marijuana-consuming Oaklanders can order a pumpkin spice pot blondie from a cannabis company in the area. Get the details here.

Newsletter #123

Wildfires destroy California cannabis

Devastating wildfires in Northern California have destroyed multiple marijuana farms. Because cannabis is illegal at the federal level, financial institutions refuse to insure these businesses. This means that there will be no monetary relief for these business owners. To make matters worse, this comes right before legal recreational marijuana sales start in California. Learn more here.

Marijuana tea party

Hundreds of United Kingdom protesters gathered for a “cannabis tea party” outside the British Parliament building earlier this week. They’re fighting for legal access to medical cannabis. One organizer said that, “the idea was to do something terribly English and unthreatening.” Mission accomplished.

Munchies lead to McDonald’s

A survey sought the answer to a very important question: What fast food restaurant do marijuana users prefer? McDonald’s came in at number one with just over 43 percent of the vote. Taco Bell was a distant second at around 18 percent. Learn more about this poll here.

Kentucky governor thinks people OD on pot

Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky is one of those very, very confused people who thinks that people can overdose on marijuana. He mentioned this while explaining to a radio host that legalizing cannabis is a “sucker’s bet.” Wrong, but thanks for your input.

Sending cannabis to space

Two marijuana companies teamed up with a near space company to launch cannabis into the upper stratosphere. Why? For science! Also, so a dispensary can sell bud called Space Weed Bro.

Newsletter #122

Cancer patients and medical marijuana

A new study shows that in states where cannabis is legal, one quarter of cancer patients are using it. Over 90 percent of those surveyed wanted information about marijuana’s medicinal uses and benefits, but less than 15 percent received cannabis-related information from their cancer doctor or nurse. Give the people what they want!

California’s cannabis jobs

With legal recreational marijuana on the horizon in California, there’s a lot of hiring happening. We’re not just talking about dispensary delivery drivers and budtenders. The state is looking to fill numerous government jobs, and it won’t be long until local governments begin doing the same. Learn more about the positions here.

World Anti-Doping Agency removes CBD from banned substances list

The World Anti-Doping Agency has removed cannabidiol (CBD) from its 2018 prohibited substances list. Since THC remains a banned substance, athletes need to be careful to ensure their CBD contains no traces of it. The organization also added synthetic cannabinoids to the prohibited substances list. Good call.

No more weed gummy bears in Colorado

Colorado’s bill banning the sale of pot gummies in the shape of people, animals and fruit went into effect last weekend. We can all agree that we don’t want kiddos accidentally consuming marijuana, right?

Canada’s cannabis tax

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is proposing a tax of one dollar per gram of cannabis once recreational sales kick off next summer. That’s going to add up quickly.

Newsletter #121

Cannabis arrests on the rise

Despite an increasing number of states legalizing medical and/or recreational marijuana, cannabis-related arrests aren’t going anywhere. Police arrested people for cannabis 653,249 times in 2016, which is up about 10,000 instances from 2015. Marijuana possession accounts for the vast majority of these arrests. Not good.

MLB isn’t happy with Wiz

Rapper Wiz Khalifa threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Pittsburgh Pirates game while wearing a “Legalize it” shirt. Major League Baseball felt the need to release an official statement condemning his actions. Don’t invite Wiz if you don’t want to hear about weed.

CBD oil briefly on

CW Hemp, makers of cannabidiol-rich oils and capsules, ever-so-briefly had its hemp-derived products sold on They were up Thursday morning and taken down by Thursday afternoon. Is this a step forward? A step back? Hard to tell.

University offers marijuana major

Northern Michigan University is offering a medicinal plant chemistry program that will prepare students for chemist positions in the cannabis industry. This is the first four-year degree program of its kind. Learn more about it here.

Nevada’s first month of cannabis sales

The numbers are in from Nevada’s first month of recreational marijuana sales. In July alone, dispensaries sold $27 million of cannabis products. That’s a lot of tax revenue.

Newsletter #120

Pharmacy school cancels medical marijuana training program

The University of Maryland’s School of Pharmacy had plans to offer training to medical cannabis industry workers. The classes were originally slated to begin in August, but the administration has decided to suspend the program indefinitely. This decision was made because marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Judge upholds Kentucky’s medical cannabis ban

Three individuals in Kentucky were fed up with not being able to use medical marijuana for their various ailments. They decided to sue the state over its medical cannabis ban. On Wednesday, a judge said some ignorant things about marijuana and ruled to uphold this ban. Learn more about the case here.

Hurricane Irma vs Florida grow houses

Hurricane Irma left a trail of destruction in its wake, but one burgeoning sector was left relatively unscathed: Florida’s medical marijuana grow houses. Medical cannabis cultivators have reported that they will be able to get their products to patients on schedule. We’ll take all the good news we can get.

Streaming for stoners

BurnTV is a new cannabis-centered online network that plans to bring high-quality programming to marijuana enthusiasts. With original content in the works, the network hopes to attract a broad range of viewers. Watch yourself, Netflix.

Canada’s kosher cannabis

A company in Quebec has received the first kosher certification for medical marijuana in Canada. Just in time for the Jewish High Holidays!