Newsletter #144

Cannabis prices continue to tumble

According to a new report, the price of legal marijuana in the U.S. has been dropping over the last 18 months. The price per pound of cannabis fell 13 percent from 2016 to 2017, and it’s expected to continue to plummet in 2018. Learn more about the report’s findings here.

Senate proposal for marijuana industry banking

A bipartisan group of senators has put forth a proposal that would prevent the federal government from punishing a financial service provider solely because the institution provided services to a cannabis-related business. Stay tuned.

Smoke Sessions

Have you ever wanted to get high with Attorney General Jeff Sessions? No? Well, in case that’s up your alley, you can now purchase rolling papers with Sessions’ face adorning the pack. It’s the closest you’ll get to toking up with the AG.

Health Secretary vs medical marijuana

At a recent press conference, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said that there is no such thing as medical marijuana. It’s worth noting that Azar is a former Big Pharma executive. Insert eye-roll emoji.

Weddings and weed

If you want to celebrate your love for both cannabis and your significant other, you’re in luck: Marijuana wedding expos are a thing.

Newsletter #143

Lawsuit against Jeff Sessions dismissed

A diverse group of cannabis advocates decided to sue Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the grounds that marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I drug is so absurd that it violates the U.S. Constitution. This week, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit. He showed sympathy for plaintiffs, but ultimately ruled that the Drug Enforcement Administration has authority in this matter. Learn more about this case here.

California sends warning to unlicensed marijuana businesses

When California’s legal marijuana regulations went into effect on January 1st of this year, many cannabis enterprises did their due diligence and obtained licenses. However, not all marijuana businesses went the legal route, and California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) is on the case. The BCC has sent over 500 warning letters to unlicensed businesses. Yikes.

The cannabis candidate

A former FBI employee is running for Congress, and he wants to make his stance on marijuana crystal clear. Benjamin Thomas Wolf is marketing himself as the “Cannabis Candidate,” going so far as to shoot a campaign ad shows him toking up in front of an image of the American flag. Check it out here.

Racial gap in NYPD’s marijuana arrests

Statistics on the New York Police Department’s arrests show that 86 percent of those arrested for marijuana-related offenses are black and Latino. City Council members criticized NYPD cops and officials over this troubling racial disparity, but it remains to be seen what steps will be taken to correct this.

Colorado’s pot laws and college baseball

A high school senior in Colorado reached out to a Texas university’s baseball team, and was told by the head coach that the program isn’t taking Colorado recruits because of their trouble passing drugs tests. Seriously. He also told the student to thank his liberal politicians.

Newsletter #142

Legalization in Canada is behind schedule

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had planned to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide by July 1st, but that didn’t materialize. The government will vote on the recreational cannabis bill July 7th, and it will take eight to 12 weeks after that for Canada’s provinces and territories to prepare for legal pot sales. Hold tight, northerly neighbors.

Cannabis industry projections

If you’re feeling uncertain about the marijuana industry’s future in the U.S., this might make you feel better. According to a new report, the cannabis trade will create 414,000 jobs across the nation by 2021. The industry will also rake in over $4 billion in taxes for state and local governments. Check out more of the report’s findings here.

Licensing troubles in California

A newly released report shows an alarming statistic: Less than one percent of California’s known cannabis growers have been licensed by the state. Clearly, the California government has some work to do to bring black market growers into compliance.

Doobies don’t make boobies

A Canadian police officer offered some questionable advice at a recent drug awareness panel. The officer told attendees that marijuana lowers testosterone and “doobies make boobies.” These statements are, of course, false. Alternative facts.

Indiana’s crazy court ruling

The Indiana Court of Appeals has ruled that police officers can legally perform vehicle searches if drivers admit they have possessed marijuana at any point in their lives. Seriously. Read more about this absurd ruling here.

Newsletter #141

Medical marijuana sales begin in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program was signed into law in April 2016, and after nearly two years of planning, dispensaries finally opened their doors this week. The program is pretty restrictive—patients can’t purchase flowers or edibles—but starting small is better than not starting at all.

Berkeley becomes cannabis sanctuary city

The city of Berkeley has enacted a policy that prohibits city departments, officers and employees from using city funds to enforce federal marijuana laws. This makes Berkeley the first cannabis sanctuary city in the U.S. Check out the details here.

Chelsea Handler announces pot line

Comedian Chelsea Handler is the latest celebrity to announce her foray into the marijuana business world. She used her Instagram page to proclaim this new venture, but has yet to reveal any specifics. Stay tuned.

Elderly patients may benefit from marijuana use

Have you talked to your grandparents about cannabis? According to a recently published study, adults over the age of 65 may benefit greatly from the use of medical marijuana. Learn more about the research here.

Colorado weed sales reach $1.5 billion in 2017

Colorado’s legal marijuana industry reached a new high in 2017: $1.5 billion in sales. The state amassed $247 million in taxes and fees revenue from these sales. Whoa.

Newsletter #140

The social media challenge for dabbers

From swallowing spoonfuls of cinnamon to biting pods of laundry detergent, social media “challenges” have become quite popular. If you’ve been waiting for a marijuana-specific challenge, here you go: the Crab Dab Challenge. Participants hold a crab, who in turn holds the dab tool. It’s hard to describe. Just look at the pictures.

Seattle to tackle marijuana misdemeanors

Seattle’s mayor and city attorney have announced plans to dismiss misdemeanor cannabis possession convictions that were prosecuted before marijuana was legalized in Washington state. It is estimated this action will erase over 500 criminal convictions from court records. First San Francisco, then Seattle. Who’s next?

Brewing with bud

A Canadian company has filed a patent for beers brewed entirely from the cannabis plant. While some companies have crafted wines and beers enriched with marijuana, Province Brands appears to be the first to go all in on cannabeer. Nice.

Girl Scout sets up outside of dispensary

A Girl Scout in San Diego set up shop outside a marijuana dispensary and sold over 300 boxes of cookies within six hours. Well done, brilliant child and future businesswoman.

Crime plummets in Uruguay following legalization

Uruguay legalized the sale and possession of cannabis last July. Since then, drug-related crime has already plunged 20 percent. Learn more about this good news here.

Newsletter #139

San Francisco takes on marijuana convictions

California’s cannabis legalization legislation created a pathway for people to have their previous marijuana convictions expunged or reduced. San Francisco’s district attorney decided that instead of waiting for people to come forward and petition the courts, prosecutors will review and expunge or reduce thousands of convictions going back decades. As District Attorney George Gascón said, “We believe it is the right thing to do. We believe it is the just thing to do.” We couldn’t agree more.

World’s first CBD store now open

Many of marijuana’s medicinal properties come from CBD (cannabidiol), a compound found in the plant. CBD products aren’t too hard to find, but until now, there haven’t been any stores dedicated to CBD-only merchandise. Fortunately for fans of this cannabinoid, the world’s first CBD store just opened in Las Vegas. Learn more about it here.

Booze, bud and liver disease

According to a new study, cannabis might lessen the liver damage caused by chronic alcohol use. Researchers found that alcoholics who used marijuana daily had a lower risk of developing liver disease than those who did not. Here we have yet another medicinal use for cannabis.

Texas’ first medical cannabis oil delivery

Over two years after Governor Greg Abbott of Texas signed a law legalizing the sale of cannabis oil to Texans suffering from intractable epilepsy, a six-year-old girl became the first person in the state to receive her legal medical marijuana delivery. Baby steps.

Dank Donald

Donald Trump Jr. seems to love Twitter and hate proofreading as much as his dad. He recently tweeted that “democracy dies in dankness.” Marijuana enthusiasts are thrilled.