Newsletter #101

Oregon’s weed money

Oregon’s recreational marijuana sales have brought in tens of millions of dollars in revenue. Good news for the state deficit, public schools and more, right? Not yet. Multiple entities that are supposed to receive funds accumulated through marijuana taxes have yet to see their share. This is because the Oregon Liquor Control Commission needs reimbursement for the millions spent on setting up the pot program. Learn more about this mess here.

Marijuana festival tries to adopt a highway

What’s worse than a garbage-strewn road? Cannabis enthusiasts, apparently. The Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival recently applied to “adopt” a stretch of highway in rural Pennsylvania. The state’s Department of Transportation declined. The reasoning? Apparently having the word “cannabis” appear on an Adopt-a-Highway sign is obscene. Ugh.

Cannabis in Chilean pharmacies

Pharmacies in Santiago, Chile’s capital, will begin to sell cannabis-based medicines this week. This is a first for Latin America. Even pharmacies in Uruguay, which has legal recreational marijuana, have not begun selling cannabis. Here’s to you, Chile.

Marijuana fights the effects of aging

New research suggests that marijuana reverses age-related declines in brain function of elderly mice. After receiving THC, elderly mice performed as well on memory and learning tests as young mice. Learn more about this study here.

Church of Cannabis to hold weddings

Denver’s International Church of Cannabis, which is exactly what it sounds like, announced that it will begin holding weddings. If you love marijuana as much as you love your partner, here you go.

Newsletter #100

Congress won’t let Jeff Sessions go after cannabis

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has indicated that he may go after marijuana businesses that are fully legal in the states they operate in. Fortunately, the bill Congress passed to fund the government through September has a provision that bars the Department of Justice from using its resources to go after cannabis growers, sellers and users in the many states that have legalized medical marijuana. Learn more about this provision and what may be in store for the future here.

Roger Goodell vs marijuana

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t exactly seen as a man who cares about the players, and his recent ramblings on cannabis certainly don’t help that image. While on an ESPN talk show last Friday, he claimed that pot is too unhealthy and addictive for NFL players to use. Of course, he doesn’t seem to be worried about their use of opiates, or the brain damage they receive while playing in the league, or about a hundred other legitimately dangerous things.

Chris Christie hates pot

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie despises cannabis, and he wants the world to know. While speaking at a conference on substance abuse earlier this week, he bashed the effort by state lawmakers to regulate and tax recreational marijuana. Christie said that “we’re going to poison our kids” for cannabis tax revenue. Click here to read more of the horrible, somewhat hilarious things he’s said about marijuana.

Disney World bans weed

Disney World has officially banned cannabis from its Central Florida premises. With Florida voting to legalize medical marijuana last year, the theme park didn’t want to take any chances on people toking in line or, you know, epileptic kids taking their cannabidiol medication.

Scratch and sniff

This week’s marijuana news wasn’t the happiest, so here’s something to cheer you up: there’s a scratch and sniff book about cannabis. Check it out here.

Newsletter #99

Chemist lies, drug convictions dropped

For over eight years, chemist Annie Dookhan tampered with and falsified evidence in a Massachusetts drug-testing lab. Among other crimes, Dookhan proclaimed drug samples positive without actually testing them. Last week, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court announced that it would throw out 21,587 drug conviction cases that were connected to Dookhan. A dismissal on this scale is unprecedented in the U.S. Good court, bad chemist.

Is ISIS selling weed?

ISIS has long relied on oil to fund its activities, but this revenue stream is dwindling. So what’s a terrorist organization to do? Grow marijuana, according to one report. Religious leaders in ISIS say it’s just fine to sell pot to non-believers, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Cannabis is grown in Iraq and routed westward until it reaches Europe. Learn more here.

Cannabis clubs in Nevada

The Nevada Senate just passed a bill that would allow local governments to issue permits for cannabis social clubs. Next, the bill will be reviewed by the Assembly. The main idea behind the bill is that tourists in Las Vegas will soon be able to buy marijuana legally, but will have no place to toke up. Expect weed lounges on the Strip if this passes.

Trump property to host cannabis summit

A cannabis-focused real estate summit will be held at Trump SoHo, one of the Trump family’s New York City properties. Does this mean that President Trump is okay with marijuana? If so, someone should really tell Jeff Sessions.

Snoop’s new stoner jam

Snoop Dogg recently unveiled a new track, featuring Method Man, Redman and B-Real. The song is called “Mount Kushmore.” Guess what it’s about?

Newsletter #98

Homeland Security secretary talks pot

Homeland Security secretary John Kelly said that cannabis was “not a factor” in the war on drugs, and marijuana activists rejoiced. That was Sunday. Two days later, Kelly called marijuana “a potentially dangerous gateway drug that frequently leads to the use of harder drugs.” He also indicated that the Department of Homeland Security will enforce federal marijuana law. Talk about a change of heart. Read more of Kelly’s statements here.

Microdosing medical marijuana

You may have heard about microdosing psychedelics, which is when someone takes an extremely low dose of, for example, LSD to boost creativity, emotional well-being and/or energy. Microdosing is also happening in the cannabis world, and for similar reasons. You get all the benefits of being high and none of the couch lock. As one doctor puts it, “In all medicine, with all drugs, you look for the minimum effective dose. Period.”

Cannabis activists arrested at Capitol Hill protest

On 4/20, pro-pot activists set up shop on Capitol Hill to hand out two joints to anyone (21 or over) with a valid Congressional ID. This protest didn’t last long, as Capitol Police arrested several of the demonstrators. Marijuana possession is legal in DC, but Capitol Hill is considered federal grounds. Learn more about this quagmire here.

West Virginia legalizes medical marijuana

On Wednesday, Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia signed a measure that made his state the 29th to legalize medical cannabis. Welcome to the club, WV!

Netflix’s 4/20 surprise

On 4/20, Netflix announced a new series called “Disjointed.” It stars Kathy Bates and is, obviously, about marijuana. Check it out here.

Newsletter #97

Legal pot not increasing homelessness in Colorado

There are rumors circulating that Colorado’s legal cannabis market has increased the amount of homeless in the state. Experts say that there’s no correlation between the two. In fact, a recent survey found that the number of homeless people from out of state has remained pretty constant through recent years. Blame homelessness on job loss, high costs of living, mental issues and more- but not on cannabis.

Sigur Ros edibles line

Beloved Icelandic band Sigur Ros is not what comes to mind when you think “musicians most likely to start an edibles line.” Nevertheless, the group teamed up with a cannabis brand to create the “Wild Sigurberry” line of marijuana-infused gumdrops, inspired by the flavors of wild Icelandic berries. Sounds a little weird and a lot delicious.

Church of Cannabis to open on 4/20

The International Church of Cannabis is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s set to open on 4/20 (when else?) in Denver (where else?). This center for marijuana lovers is open to those of all religious and cultural backgrounds. Click here to see the inside of this stunning chapel before it’s hotboxed.

Canada introduces legalization bill

They said they’d do it, and here they are. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government introduced legislation that would allow legal use of cannabis by adults. The bill is pretty much guaranteed to pass. Cheers to Trudeau for keeping his campaign promise.

Selling tickets to a free 4/20 event

Hippie Hill in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park has long been a place for people to gather and toke up on 4/20. Someone decided to sell tickets for this event for the great price of $20 per ticket. The problem? The event is totally free.

Newsletter #96

Ganja governors write letter to Sessions

Writing to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the governors of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington crafted a letter that encouraged the federal government to allow the governors’ respective states to keep on keepin’ on with their legal marijuana laws. The Trump administration has indicated a desire to increase enforcement of federal cannabis laws, which would be bad news for many states. Learn more about this (hopefully persuasive) letter here.

California tries to streamline cannabis laws

Governor Jerry Brown’s administration recently proposed changes to California’s marijuana regulations. As it stands, the recreational cannabis law conflicts with the medical cannabis law. The proposed legislation would allow single businesses to grow, distribute, manufacture and sell marijuana. Law enforcement officials say that this proposal would allow criminals to take advantage of the industry. Those in the cannabis industry are divided on the issue. You can’t make everyone happy.

TSA talks pot

For a very short period of time, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website indicated that it was just fine to bring medical marijuana onto planes. Cannabis activists were stoked, but this glory was short-lived. The TSA claimed that the entry was made in error and that medical marijuana is not allowed on flights, along with full-size tubes of toothpaste.

Jerry Jones against NFL ban on marijuana

Many NFL players have come out against the league’s ban on cannabis, but team owners have been reluctant to jump in the conversation. Given this, it came as a surprise when Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, said in an owners-only meeting that he wants the NFL to lift its ban on cannabis use. Let’s hope others follow suit.

Uruguay to begin recreational cannabis sales this summer

Come July, Uruguay will start selling recreational marijuana in pharmacies. This will make the South American country the first in the world to legally sell recreational cannabis over the counter. If all goes well, Uruguay will be a guide for other countries planning to legalize marijuana.