Newsletter #131

The lowdown on scromiting

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, an illness caused by excessive cannabis use that can bring about incapacitating nausea, has been making headlines recently. It is real, but it only affects a small portion of the population. However, it is seen frequently enough that some doctors have coined the term “scromiting,” a portmanteau of “screaming” and “vomiting.” The cure? Stop using marijuana.

Los Angeles to become largest city with legal marijuana

This week, the Los Angeles City Council approved regulations for the recreational cannabis industry. When California’s recreational marijuana laws go into effect on on January 1st, 2018, LA will be ready to go. In fact, the City of Angels will become the largest U.S. city with legal cannabis. Good on you, LA.

No bankruptcy aid for cannabis businesses

At this point, most followers of marijuana-related news know that businesses in the cannabis industry have banking issues. The Department of Justice would also like to make it clear that marijuana enterprises cannot claim bankruptcy. Learn more here.

Army grants waivers for pot smokers

The Army is getting with the times and granting waivers for past marijuana use. In fact, over 500 people received this specific waiver this year. Quick note to interested parties: this doesn’t mean you can use cannabis while enlisted.

Weed nasal spray

Are you sick of smoking, vaping and ingesting marijuana? Now, you can snort it. Seriously.

Newsletter #130

Tax cuts for marijuana businesses

Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado wants to attach an amendment to a tax reform bill that would allow state-legal cannabis businesses to deduct normal operating expenses from their taxes. As it stands, those behind legal marijuana businesses can’t take any of the deductions available to other enterprises. Learn more about this amendment and the issue behind it here.

Rick Steves pushes for legal cannabis in Illinois

Beloved travel writer and television host Rick Steves trekked to Chicago to speak his mind on legal marijuana. He was there to support a state proposal to legalize recreational cannabis. Steves, who has been a vocal supporter of legalization for years, said, “This is not a pro-pot movement. This is an anti-prohibition movement.” Let’s hope Illinois lawmakers agree.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland will finally open

Back in 2014, lawmakers legalized medical marijuana in Maryland. After numerous legal and bureaucratic issues, dispensaries are finally poised to open this week. Thousands of Maryland residents are already certified to purchase medical cannabis, so sales should take off quickly. Welcome to the 21st century, Maryland.

Ziplining weed

Do you seek adventure? Are you not concerned about the prison sentence that comes with getting caught for smuggling drugs? If you answered yes to both of these, you might be perfect for a new endeavor: ziplining pot across the United States-Mexico border.

San Francisco’s recreational cannabis sales to start in January

Cannabis enthusiasts of San Francisco, rejoice. The Board of Supervisors has agreed to recreational marijuana regulations that could have sales starting as soon as January 5th. Check it out here.

Newsletter #129

Cannabis churches or illegal dispensaries?

California officials aren’t feeling the love for two San Jose churches that offer pot to patrons. Judges have ordered the churches, one Rastafarian and the other Native American, to cease distributing marijuana. The Rastafarian church also features a welcome video with a bong-smoking Jesus, which some people aren’t thrilled about. You can’t make everyone happy.

No pot ads on San Francisco public transit

San Francisco is known for being a fairly marijuana-friendly city, but it does have its limits. The Municipal Transportation Agency has decided to ban ads for cannabis businesses from its buses, trains and cable cars. Read more about the reasoning behind the ban here.

Nelly can’t rap about weed in Saudi Arabia

Rapper Nelly will visit Saudi Arabia next month to perform, but he may need to make some lyric revisions beforehand. Other musicians visiting the country have been instructed not to mention alcohol, marijuana or sex. We’ll see how Nelly manages.

Cannabis advent calendars

Do you live in British Columbia? Do you love Christmas as much as you love cannabis? One company on Vancouver Island is offering an advent calendar featuring a different strain of marijuana each day. ‘Tis the season.

Black Friday marijuana deals in Vegas

Some people flock to electronics stores on Black Friday. Others head to upscale malls. In Las Vegas, cannabis enthusiasts can check out the many dispensaries offering Black Friday deals. Lucky Nevadans.

Newsletter #128

California releases cannabis regulations

This week, state officials released the rules that will regulate recreational marijuana throughout California. Pot delivery services will finally be able to apply for licenses, but transportation by bicycle or drone will be prohibited. Edible cannabis products will have THC limits. You won’t be allowed to toke up in strip clubs. Read more of the new rules here.

Still no weed overdoses

A case report about the death of an 11-month old after exposure to cannabis, among other drugs, has resulted in sensationalized headlines about the first marijuana overdose. Pay no mind to this nonsense. According to an author of the report, “We are absolutely not saying that marijuana killed that child.” Now you know.

Can marijuana treat HIV?

Add HIV to the list of ailments that marijuana may be able to treat. A team of researchers at the University of Florida is embarking on a five year, $3.2 million study to examine the impact of cannabis on HIV patients. Learn more about this important endeavor here.

Cannabis and creativity

Researchers found a link between marijuana use and creativity, but want to note that these are both results of people being open to different experiences. In other words, getting really high won’t help you finally finish that screenplay. Sorry.

Reefer rocks

An enterprising man shipped $1 million worth of cannabis across state lines by packing the plant into artificial boulders. He was caught. Clever, but not clever enough.

Newsletter #127

California’s marijuana tax solution

Banks don’t want to work with cannabis businesses, and tax season will be here before you know it. The California State Treasurer’s Office doesn’t want to deal with duffel bags stuffed with cash, so a working group has been brainstorming solutions. One potential fix? Using armored cars to transport the hundreds of millions of dollars the state expects raking in with marijuana taxes. That’s one way to do it.

Faulty CBD labeling

Many people rely on Cannabidiol, or CBD, for its many therapeutic uses. This makes the results of a newly published study particularly worrisome. Researchers purchased 84 commercially available CBD products and had them chemically analyzed. They found that only 31 percent of the products tested contained the exact amount of CBD shown on the label. Read more about this study here.

New Jersey makes way for cannabis

Chris Christie is the current Governor of New Jersey. As you may have heard, he despises marijuana, even referring to it as “poison.” Good thing Phil Murphy, a recreational cannabis supporter, won the governor’s race on Tuesday. When Murphy takes office in January, many think it won’t be long until he signs a legalization bill until law. Nice.

California pot prices expected to skyrocket

Legal recreational marijuana is on the horizon in California. When recreational sales begin in 2018, additional taxes will cause the price of cannabis to increase significantly. We’re talking upwards of 50 percent. Fellow Californians, now is the time to stock up.

Maine’s marijuana veto

Paul LePage, Governor of Maine, decided to veto his state’s recreational cannabis bill. Keep in mind that Mainers voted to legalize and tax recreational marijuana, and LePage promised he wouldn’t stand in the way. Learn more about this mess here.

Newsletter #126

Airport PSA on pot

If you’re flying through Ontario airport in San Bernardino county, be prepared to see an interesting ad campaign displayed on the security checkpoint trays. The ads read, “Cannabis is legal. Traveling with it is not. Leave it in California.” The ads, sponsored by a marijuana company, might seem tame, but it’s a pretty big deal for cannabis-related anything to get TSA approval. Well done.

Insurance for cannabis businesses

California’s marijuana business owners are finally able to purchase commercial insurance for the first time. This comes in the wake of Northern California’s wildfires, which caused immense damage to the area’s cannabis businesses. This development is welcome news for the state’s many marijuana business owners. It’s about time.

The sex lives of weed smokers

According to a new study, those who smoke marijuana are having more sex than those who refrain. While it’s unclear if cannabis is responsible for an increased sex drive, there’s certainly a relationship between the two. Read more about this study here.

Beer behemoth gets behind bud business

Constellation Brands, the company behind Corona, paid $191 million for a stake in Canopy Growth, Canada’s massive marijuana company. Another sign that cannabis is going mainstream.

Veterans support medical marijuana

A survey released by the American Legion shows that the vast majority of veterans support the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Learn more about the survey here.