Newsletter #128

California releases cannabis regulations

This week, state officials released the rules that will regulate recreational marijuana throughout California. Pot delivery services will finally be able to apply for licenses, but transportation by bicycle or drone will be prohibited. Edible cannabis products will have THC limits. You won’t be allowed to toke up in strip clubs. Read more of the new rules here.

Still no weed overdoses

A case report about the death of an 11-month old after exposure to cannabis, among other drugs, has resulted in sensationalized headlines about the first marijuana overdose. Pay no mind to this nonsense. According to an author of the report, “We are absolutely not saying that marijuana killed that child.” Now you know.

Can marijuana treat HIV?

Add HIV to the list of ailments that marijuana may be able to treat. A team of researchers at the University of Florida is embarking on a five year, $3.2 million study to examine the impact of cannabis on HIV patients. Learn more about this important endeavor here.

Cannabis and creativity

Researchers found a link between marijuana use and creativity, but want to note that these are both results of people being open to different experiences. In other words, getting really high won’t help you finally finish that screenplay. Sorry.

Reefer rocks

An enterprising man shipped $1 million worth of cannabis across state lines by packing the plant into artificial boulders. He was caught. Clever, but not clever enough.

Newsletter #127

California’s marijuana tax solution

Banks don’t want to work with cannabis businesses, and tax season will be here before you know it. The California State Treasurer’s Office doesn’t want to deal with duffel bags stuffed with cash, so a working group has been brainstorming solutions. One potential fix? Using armored cars to transport the hundreds of millions of dollars the state expects raking in with marijuana taxes. That’s one way to do it.

Faulty CBD labeling

Many people rely on Cannabidiol, or CBD, for its many therapeutic uses. This makes the results of a newly published study particularly worrisome. Researchers purchased 84 commercially available CBD products and had them chemically analyzed. They found that only 31 percent of the products tested contained the exact amount of CBD shown on the label. Read more about this study here.

New Jersey makes way for cannabis

Chris Christie is the current Governor of New Jersey. As you may have heard, he despises marijuana, even referring to it as “poison.” Good thing Phil Murphy, a recreational cannabis supporter, won the governor’s race on Tuesday. When Murphy takes office in January, many think it won’t be long until he signs a legalization bill until law. Nice.

California pot prices expected to skyrocket

Legal recreational marijuana is on the horizon in California. When recreational sales begin in 2018, additional taxes will cause the price of cannabis to increase significantly. We’re talking upwards of 50 percent. Fellow Californians, now is the time to stock up.

Maine’s marijuana veto

Paul LePage, Governor of Maine, decided to veto his state’s recreational cannabis bill. Keep in mind that Mainers voted to legalize and tax recreational marijuana, and LePage promised he wouldn’t stand in the way. Learn more about this mess here.

Newsletter #126

Airport PSA on pot

If you’re flying through Ontario airport in San Bernardino county, be prepared to see an interesting ad campaign displayed on the security checkpoint trays. The ads read, “Cannabis is legal. Traveling with it is not. Leave it in California.” The ads, sponsored by a marijuana company, might seem tame, but it’s a pretty big deal for cannabis-related anything to get TSA approval. Well done.

Insurance for cannabis businesses

California’s marijuana business owners are finally able to purchase commercial insurance for the first time. This comes in the wake of Northern California’s wildfires, which caused immense damage to the area’s cannabis businesses. This development is welcome news for the state’s many marijuana business owners. It’s about time.

The sex lives of weed smokers

According to a new study, those who smoke marijuana are having more sex than those who refrain. While it’s unclear if cannabis is responsible for an increased sex drive, there’s certainly a relationship between the two. Read more about this study here.

Beer behemoth gets behind bud business

Constellation Brands, the company behind Corona, paid $191 million for a stake in Canopy Growth, Canada’s massive marijuana company. Another sign that cannabis is going mainstream.

Veterans support medical marijuana

A survey released by the American Legion shows that the vast majority of veterans support the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Learn more about the survey here.

Newsletter #125

Stoned fish

Farmed fish can get stressed about their crowded living conditions, which leaves them more susceptible to illnesses. Scientists in Lebanon wanted to see if marijuana lowered that stress, so they gave some penned tilapia cannabis oil. The results? The stoned fish were not healthier or less stressed, but their metabolisms increased. Duly noted.

Former NBA commissioner talks cannabis

David Stern, former commissioner of the NBA, said that marijuana should probably be taken off of the league’s banned substances list. If only Stern had been vocal about this during his time as commissioner.

Posh pipes

A young art dealer is making a name for himself by selling high-end marijuana paraphernalia. Prices climb as high as $300,000. See some of these beautiful (and expensive) pieces here.

Bonsai trees or pot plants?

A Japanese man was arrested in Osaka for growing and selling cannabis, which he had meticulously cultivated to look like bonsai trees. Very impressive. Also, very illegal.

How marijuana can help sick kids

Medical marijuana is effective at treating seizures and chemotherapy-induced nausea in children, according to a new study. Read more about the research here.

Newsletter #124

DOJ admits fault in Washington marijuana case

Back in 2014, the Department of Justice went after five Washington state residents for the supposed crime of growing and using medical marijuana. The case drew national attention because the defendants had complied fully with Washington state’s laws.

This week, the Department of Justice acknowledged that the department was not authorized to spend money on the prosecution of these individuals since they were abiding by state law. Does this mean the DOJ is done going after state-legal businesses and patients? Probably not. Read more about this case here.

Crowdfunding site closes campaign for cannabis-cultivating wildfire victims

The California Growers Association started a campaign on, a crowdfunding site, to raise money for the marijuana farmers affected by the disastrous Northern California wildfires. WePay, the company that processes payments for YouCaring, is refusing to pass along over $13,000 in donations. The reasoning? Marijuana is illegal on the federal level, so fundraisers for anything marijuana-related are not permitted. Not surprising, but very disappointing.

High at a haunted house

Do you ever get really stoned and think, “I wish I was experiencing a real-life nightmare”? No? Well, some people do, apparently. A horror simulation company has come up with a terrifying, 420-friendly experience. Guests will have the option to consume cannabis while being scared sh*tless. Different strokes for different folks.

Weed-ignoring K9 dogs

The police department in one Colorado town understands that since marijuana is legal, K9 dogs shouldn’t be trained to sniff out the drug. The department is retiring its cannabis-sniffing dog and welcoming two new pups who will happily ignore marijuana smells.

Pumpkin spice pot

Some people wait all year for pumpkin-flavored everything. Now, autumn-loving, marijuana-consuming Oaklanders can order a pumpkin spice pot blondie from a cannabis company in the area. Get the details here.

Newsletter #123

Wildfires destroy California cannabis

Devastating wildfires in Northern California have destroyed multiple marijuana farms. Because cannabis is illegal at the federal level, financial institutions refuse to insure these businesses. This means that there will be no monetary relief for these business owners. To make matters worse, this comes right before legal recreational marijuana sales start in California. Learn more here.

Marijuana tea party

Hundreds of United Kingdom protesters gathered for a “cannabis tea party” outside the British Parliament building earlier this week. They’re fighting for legal access to medical cannabis. One organizer said that, “the idea was to do something terribly English and unthreatening.” Mission accomplished.

Munchies lead to McDonald’s

A survey sought the answer to a very important question: What fast food restaurant do marijuana users prefer? McDonald’s came in at number one with just over 43 percent of the vote. Taco Bell was a distant second at around 18 percent. Learn more about this poll here.

Kentucky governor thinks people OD on pot

Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky is one of those very, very confused people who thinks that people can overdose on marijuana. He mentioned this while explaining to a radio host that legalizing cannabis is a “sucker’s bet.” Wrong, but thanks for your input.

Sending cannabis to space

Two marijuana companies teamed up with a near space company to launch cannabis into the upper stratosphere. Why? For science! Also, so a dispensary can sell bud called Space Weed Bro.