CBD, THC and yeast

The future of cannabinoids might be found in yeast. No, this has nothing to do with breweries making marijuana-infused beer. In fact, scientists are working with brewer’s yeast to churn out CBD and THC. This could be a cost-effective, fairly simple way to produce large amounts of cannabis compounds. Additionally, this method may make it easier to study cannabinoids. Nice.

Marijuana Justice Act reintroduced

Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey first introduced the Marijuana Justice Act in 2017, but it was not taken up for a vote then. The 2020 presidential hopeful just reintroduced the bill, which would legalize cannabis nationwide. Supporters include other 2020 Democratic candidates. Get more details about the measure here.

Martha Stewart enters the cannabis business world

It’s not too surprising when celebrities partner with cannabis companies, but this announcement was a bit of a shocker. Martha Stewart, domestic queen, is joining Canopy Growth Corporation to develop a line of CBD products. Maybe Snoop Dogg helped convince her.

San Francisco DA to wipe out thousands of marijuana convictions

If you’re hoping to read some happy news, you came to the right place. The office of San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón is wiping out over 9,000 marijuana-related convictions dating back to 1975. Learn more about this incredible leap forward here.

Recreational cannabis in New Hampshire

New Hampshire might become the next state to legalize adult-use marijuana. House representatives just voted in favor of a recreational cannabis bill. Onwards and upwards.