California’s tribal nations and the marijuana industry

California’s cannabis industry is often talked about, but there’s one topic that rarely makes headlines: The state’s tribal nations are not permitted to participate in the regulated market. Native American tribes are not allowed to obtain the required licenses. Consequently, they cannot participate in the California cannabis industry. Learn more about this legal situation and the obstacles tribal nations are facing here.

WHO recommends cannabis rescheduling

The United Nations’ World Health Organization is recommending that member countries reschedule marijuana from its current status under international treaties. The recommendation is for whole-plant cannabis and cannabis concentrates to be rescheduled into the least restrictive category. It’s not clear if this will make waves, but it’s nice to see the effort, right?

The POT stock

Marijuana stocks are big, which is why Canadian cannabis companies have been fighting over the “POT” stock ticker symbol. In fact, the competition was so intense that the Canadian Securities Exchange held its first random lottery to pick a winner. Weekend Unlimited was the victor, and they’re stoked. The company’s current symbol? YOLO.

Marijuana and sperm count

A group of scientists found that a history of smoking cannabis correlates to greater fertility in men. Researchers originally predicted that marijuana use would negatively impact sperm count. In contrast, participants who had used cannabis in the past had higher sperm counts than non-users. Fun fact.

UC Berkeley’s cannabis research center

The University of California at Berkeley is the latest higher education institution to make marijuana news. The university is planning to create a research center that will focus on California’s cannabis industry. Get more details about this endeavor¬†here.