Canopy Growth sprouts into the U.S.

Canopy Growth Corporation, a massive Canadian cannabis company, is entering the U.S. market. Specifically, Canopy Growth announced that it had acquired a license to produce hemp in New York. The company plans to use hemp sourced from American farmers to manufacture various cannabinoid products. Is this the start of a beautiful international partnership, or is this a sign of corporations taking over the hemp market? Perhaps both?

Joe Montana’s marijuana investment

Joe Montana, celebrated Hall of Fame quarterback, is investing heavily in the marijuana industry. First, Montana took part in a $4.1 million investment in Herb, a cannabis media company, back in 2017. Additionally, Montana is currently involved in a $75 million investment in Caliva, a California-based marijuana company. Everyone wants a piece of the pot pie.

Free weed for federal workers

During the government shutdown, many organizations jumped in to help out the affected federal employees. One such organization was, a site that seems like Craigslist for marijuana. BudTrader offered free cannabis to federal employees who were unable to pay for medical marijuana during the shutdown. So sweet.

Using cannabis instead of pharmaceuticals

A recently-published study found that many medical cannabis patients were able to swap out their pharmaceutical drugs for marijuana. Get the details on this research here.

No marijuana ads this Super Bowl

In an unsurprising move, CBS rejected a pro-medical marijuana television ad intended to air during the Super Bowl. Maybe next year.