Recreational marijuana on the East Coast

Fully legal cannabis is on the horizon for two East Coast states. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to legalize adult-use marijuana statewide. Governor Gina Raimondo of Rhode Island plans to do the same, although she’s pretty hesitant about it. Both governors have been opposed to recreational cannabis in the past, which makes their announcements rather unexpected. It’s always refreshing to see politicians adapt to changing times.

UConn’s cannabis class

In just a few days, students attending the University of Connecticut will be able to learn all about growing cannabis. UConn is offering a new course, titled “Horticulture of Cannabis: from Seed to Harvest,” to educate and train students in the process of marijuana cultivation. Learn more about this unique class here.

Why you shouldn’t leave your pot in an Uber

A man accidentally left two pounds of marijuana in an Uber. When he tried to link up with his driver to pick up the cannabis-filled packages, he met up with police officers instead. Maybe using Uber to transport a large quantity of marijuana was a bad idea.

Wisconsin and medical marijuana

Governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin is working on his state budget, and he plans to include a pathway for the legalization of medical cannabis. Additionally, he expressed support for legalizing recreational marijuana. Good stuff, Evers.

California’s home delivery clarification

If you’re a Californian living in a locality that has banned cannabis sales, listen up. State officials clarified that California law allows for home delivery in every single jurisdiction. Great news.