Marijuana gifts in Michigan

Recreational marijuana became legal in Michigan on December 6th, but legal sales won’t start for at least another year. Enterprising businesses don’t want to wait, so many are using a loophole in the new law that allows people to give cannabis as gifts. These companies are selling overpriced goods and adding in marijuana as a present. For example, you can order a small amount of chocolate and receive a “free” cannabis gift. Sneaky and smart.

THC and CBD take on chronic pain

Researchers seeking to examine how THC and CBD impact chronic pain recently completed a study with some interesting findings. They discovered that strains of cannabis with high levels of THC are effective at increasing pain tolerance. However, a strain that was low in THC but high in CBD had no pain-relieving effects. In fact, CBD seems to counter the analgesic impacts of THC. Learn more about the study here.

Medical cannabis coming soon to Ohio

Ohio’s medical cannabis law passed in 2016, and the state’s medical marijuana program was supposed to be fully operational on September 8th of last year. Unfortunately, things haven’t panned out that way. Now, the latest estimate indicates that the program will be up and running on January 15th. Stay strong, Ohioans. You’re almost there.

Oregon’s pot problem

Cannabis cultivators in Oregon are growing a lot of flower. Actually, that’s an understatement. Cannabis cultivators in Oregon are growing way too much flower. While Oregon consumers smoked about 166,000 pounds of legal marijuana in 2018, the state currently has about 1.3 million pounds of unsold bud. Yikes.

The workforce is getting high

A new report found that more people are testing positive for cannabis in workplace drug tests, particularly in states that recently legalized recreational marijuana. Some are concerned that this impacts public safety. Get the details here.