California’s mediocre cannabis industry

When California legalized recreational marijuana at the start of 2018, state officials and cannabis industry enthusiasts had high hopes for the market. With the first year of legal cannabis coming to a close, many are disappointed with the results. Complicated regulations and high taxes have hindered marijuana businesses. Additionally, many cities decided to ban cannabis dispensaries. As a result of these strains, California is raking in much less tax revenue than experts estimated. Overall, it’s not a good look.

The infamous blunt of the Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders may have played their last game at the Oakland Coliseum this past week, and running back Marshawn Lynch honored the stadium in a unique, truly Californian way. Lynch lit the Al Davis Memorial Torch, and then seemingly tried to light a blunt off the torch. So perfect. So Oakland.

Legal cannabis leads to safer borders

A new study found that as more states legalize marijuana, less of the plant is being smuggled across the Mexico–U.S. border. In fact, smuggling fell 78 percent over a five-year period. Get more information about the decline in drug smuggling here.

Thailand legalizes medical marijuana

This week, Thailand’s parliament voted to approve cannabis for medicinal and research purposes. This makes Thailand the first Southeast Asian country to legalize marijuana. Way to go, Thailand.

Hostile takeover coming for Aphria

Word on the street is that U.S. marijuana company Green Growth Brands Ltd. is planning a hostile takeover bid for Aphria Inc., a major Canadian cannabis producer. Get the details here.