NASA to investigate pot-smoking Elon Musk

Months ago, famed entrepreneur Elon Musk briefly toked up while being interviewed on a podcast. People made a huge deal out of it, and the fuss hasn’t died down. Now, NASA officials are taking their turn with Musk. Musk’s blunt puff has apparently caused NASA to be concerned with the safety protocols at SpaceX, Musk’s aerospace company. Consequently, NASA will be conducting a rigorous safety inspection of SpaceX starting early next year. Take it easy in 2019, Musk.

Medical marijuana patient sues Trump administration over gun rights

Matthew Roman, a Philadelphia-based doctor, went to a local gun store, where he quickly found out that he is not permitted to purchase a gun due to his status as a medical marijuana patient. Because of this, Roman is suing the Trump administration over the federal statute that prohibits cannabis users from buying or owning firearms. Learn more about this suit here.

Getting high from honey

An Israeli cannabis company worked out a fascinating way to produce cannabinoid-filled honey. The first step is feeding bees a composition that includes cannabinoids. As a result of this feast, bees pass these nutrients into their honey, thereby producing honey that naturally contains THC and CBD. Also, don’t worry about the bees—they aren’t getting high.

Recreational marijuana shops finally open in Massachusetts

Massachusetts voters approved the adult use of recreational cannabis statewide over two years ago. Finally, with the opening of two recreational dispensaries, Massachusetts residents can purchase marijuana without a medical prescription. About time!

Medical cannabis in Greece

Greece recently issued the country’s first licenses for growing medical marijuana. While this new medical cannabis industry is primarily export-focused, marijuana prescriptions will be available to Greek patients. Get the details on this development here.