Ohio’s medical marijuana problems

Ohio just began issuing medical cannabis licenses earlier this year, but there’s already a major issue with the nascent program. Three major healthcare providers in the state are prohibiting their doctors from making medical marijuana recommendations. As a result, patients using these providers will likely need to seek out-of-network doctors if they want a medical cannabis recommendation. Not only is it inconvenient, but those out-of-network visits can be prohibitively expensive. Bad call, providers.

Sacramento considering lifting dispensary cap

There’s a diversity issue with Sacramento’s cannabis economy, and city officials are working to address it. The city currently has 30 marijuana dispensaries, which is the cap, and none of the dispensary owners are black. Because of this, Sacramento officials are considering lifting the city’s cap on the number of dispensaries allowed to operate. Learn more about this problem and what the city is doing to tackle it here.

SoCal’s first cannabis lounge

A legal marijuana consumption lounge just opened in Cathedral City, which is a first for Southern California. Customers can hang out, shoot pool, rent various smoking devices and enjoy cannabis in a public setting. Sounds like a good Saturday night to us.

Canada’s stoned driving update

When Canada legalized marijuana one month ago, many were concerned that stoned driving incidents would increase. In fact, early data suggests that there has not been a spike in cannabis-impaired driving. Seems like a safe start!

Selling flower to the feds

The federal government is seeking a business to grow, test and ship thousands of kilograms of cannabis. This is because of the government’s desire to complete research on different types of marijuana. Get the details here.