Utah’s confusing medical cannabis situation

Utah voters passed Proposition 2, a midterm ballot measure that will establish a statewide medical marijuana program. Many cannabis activists aren’t sure how to feel about this. While the initiative is set to become law December 1st, it could take years for cannabis to be available for sale. Additionally, many supporters are concerned that lawmakers will completely rewrite much of the measure. Get the details on Utah’s uncertain medical marijuana future here.

Medical marijuana in Missouri

When heading to the polls, Missouri voters had three different medical cannabis initiatives to choose from. Amendment 2 passed. This measure includes a four percent tax on cannabis sales and puts the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services in charge of implementing the medical program. Welcome to the medical marijuana club, Missouri.

Coppola’s cannabis

Renowned director and screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola made his name in the wine world, and now he’s getting involved in the marijuana industry. Coppola is partnering with Humboldt County growers for his “Grower’s Series” of hand-picked cannabis strains. Learn more about this fancy, limited edition collection here.

Recreational marijuana comes to Michigan

Michigan voters passed Proposal 1, which will allow cannabis to be regulated like alcohol. Now that one hard-fought battle is over, marijuana activists in the state are working on how to expunge cannabis-related convictions.

Legal pot possible in Illinois

Governor-elect J.B. Pritzker of Illinois wants to legalize recreational cannabis in the state, and he wants it soon. Could Illinois be the next state to legalize marijuana?