Marijuana mansions

If you’re a cannabis lover with lots and lots of money, you might want to check out these marijuana-friendly mansions. Each home includes a cannabis conservatory, which comes with a harvester ready to cultivate your homegrown bud. Quick FYI: These mansions will be listed for between $30 and $40 million.

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruling on recreational cannabis

This week, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that completely banning recreational marijuana was unconstitutional. Because this is the court’s fifth similar ruling on this subject, Congress now needs to put together regulations on the use of cannabis. We’re looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Mike Tyson’s weed show

Former boxer Mike Tyson recently entered the cannabis business world with Tyson Ranch, a 40-acre estate dedicated to growing, selling and learning about marijuana. Now, Tyson is filming a show based on these adventures. Learn more about Tyson’s comedy endeavor¬†here.

Governor candidates say yes to marijuana

Americans are increasingly in favor of legal cannabis, and it looks like politicians are following suit. In fact, at least 21 gubernatorial nominees on the ballot this year support legalizing marijuana. Soon, we’ll know how voters feel about these candidates.

Thailand is considering legal medical cannabis

Thailand’s government is considering allowing marijuana for medical purposes. If medical cannabis is legalized in Thailand, it will be a first for this region of the world. Get more details here.