Utah lawmaker tries an edible

State Senator Jim Dabakis of Utah decided it was high time to try cannabis while visiting Nevada. During a Facebook Live broadcast, Dabakis said, “I thought it was about time that at least one legislator knew a little about marijuana before we changed all the laws.” He then ate a cannabis-infused gummy. Given that there will soon be a special legislative session in Utah to work out the state’s medical marijuana situation, it’s nice to see Dabakis making an effort to educate himself firsthand. The verdict? He felt a little buzz.

Weed stocks are plummeting

Cannabis stocks were doing extremely well over the last few months. However, the past week saw many of the major players, including Aurora Cannabis, Tilray, Cronos and Canopy Growth, take a tumble. This coincided with the debut of Aurora Cannabis on the New York Stock Exchange. Many thought this debut would boost marijuana stocks. Stay tuned, because there’s sure to be more exciting cannabis-related stock market volatility.

Marijuana or moss?

A compound found in certain species of liverworts, which are moss-like plants, has properties similar to the THC found in marijuana. According to researchers, there could be medicinal applications for this THC-like compound. This is largely because of its ability to reduce inflammation without adverse side effects. Get the details on this fascinating discovery here.

Car crashes on the rise in states with legal cannabis

According to two new studies, vehicle crashes have increased in states with legal recreational cannabis. While it’s difficult to determine marijuana’s exact role in auto accidents, it does seem that there’s a correlation between legal cannabis and the rise of crashes. Learn more about these findings here.

Korean police vs international pot

Cannabis is very illegal in South Korea, and the authorities want to make sure Koreans keep that in mind when traveling abroad. Police warned that Koreans tokers could face prison time, even if they used marijuana in countries where it’s legal. Harsh.