Alabama vs black marijuana users

A new report details how black marijuana users in Alabama are disproportionately impacted by the state’s war on cannabis. The Alabama Appleseed Center for Law and Justice and the Southern Poverty Law Center pored over and analyzed arrest data from 2016. They found that that black people were about four times as likely as white people to be arrested for cannabis possession, and the disturbing statistics don’t stop there. Keep in mind that black people and white people use marijuana at roughly the same rate. Get more information about this important, eye-opening report here.

Trump on cannabis reform

President Donald Trump is preparing to discuss marijuana policy reform after November’s midterm elections, according to Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. While Trump has vocalized support for medical marijuana over the past few years, he has done little to assist the cannabis industry. Maybe it’s time to fire Jeff Sessions.

How marijuana limits driving abilities

It should come as no surprise that getting behind the wheel five minutes after toking up isn’t a bright idea. What many may not realize is that their abilities to perform complex driving tasks are still impaired five hours after using cannabis. Yes, five hours later. Learn more about the study that dug into stoned driving here.

Facebook lifts ban on cannabis pages

For years, Facebook users have not been able to search for marijuana-related pages. Additionally, the pages of cannabis businesses were mysteriously deleted on the regular. Now, things seem to be shifting. Facebook will finally lift its ban on pages associated with cannabis. It’s about time.

Marijuana is now legal in Canada

Canada just became the second country to legalize recreational cannabis. Consequently, cannabis advocates all over the world are pretty stoked. Get the details on Canada’s legal marijuana situation here.