Share your opinion on cannabis with the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has asked for public comments on marijuana and related policies. Officials are seeking this feedback in preparation of writing an official statement for the World Health Organization. This is happening because WHO is considering changing its recommendations regarding international marijuana laws, which could have huge implications for cannabis policies around the world. Get more information here.

Mormon church and medical marijuana

Utah voters will soon vote on an initiative to legal medical cannabis, which the Mormon church originally opposed. Now, the church has joined lawmakers and the governor in backing a deal that would legalize medical marijuana. This compromise would tweak some elements of the ballot initiative, but many cannabis advocates remain on board. Let’s do this, Utah.

Canada’s upcoming cannabis shortage

According to a new study, there will not be enough legal marijuana to meet the demand in Canada. In fact, the supply will meet only 30 to 60 percent of the demand post-legalization. This is largely due to the slow rate of licensing cannabis producers. Canadian friends, maybe now is the time to start growing your own.

MedMen’s massive acquisition

Most marijuana business talk has been focused on Canadian enterprises, which is fine, but let’s not ignore the fact that the largest cannabis acquisition to date in the U.S. just happened. MedMen snagged PharmaCann, a medical marijuana dispensary chain, for $682 million.

Missouri’s medical cannabis initiatives

While some states have zero marijuana ballot initiatives to look forward to in November, Missouri voters have three. Each initiative differs in taxes and regulations. Get the details on these three measures here.