California’s new batch of marijuana laws

Governor Jerry Brown of California had a busy week of signing marijuana bills into law. First up, we have the bill that will make it easier for people to erase their old cannabis convictions. Next, there’s a bill that establishes a program to help minorities take advantage of opportunities in the marijuana industry. Another bill allows veterinarians to discuss cannabis treatments for animals with their owners. Don’t forget about the bill that gives California the ability to approve temporary marijuana festivals. Go, Jerry, go!

Epidiolex gets rescheduled

Epidiolex made headlines when it became the first marijuana-derived drug approved by the FDA. Now, it’s making waves for being awarded Schedule V status, the Drug Enforcement Agency’s least restrictive classification. If you’re wondering why this is a big deal, you should know that this is the first time the DEA has rescheduled a cannabis compound since the Controlled Substances Act was passed in 1970.

How cannabis impacts cognitive development in teens

A new study suggests that marijuana is more dangerous to developing minds than alcohol is. Researchers tracked the alcohol and cannabis consumption of thousands of Montreal teenagers over four years. They found that marijuana use, more so than alcohol use, negatively affected important cognitive functions. Take it easy on the weed, teens.

Marijuana in space

The brains behind Space Tango, a Kentucky-based startup, want to know how space’s zero-gravity environment impacts the development of marijuana plants. With two micro-laboratories installed on the International Space Station, the company is truly going for it. Learn more about this incredible experiment here.

Pot brownies and homecoming crowns

In what sounds like a plot for a bad teen movie, a high school cheerleader gave away weed brownies in the hopes of earning votes for homecoming queen. Weird.