Aurora Cannabis plans U.S. listing

Canadian company Aurora Cannabis, currently listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is planning to list its shares on a major U.S. exchange next month. It’s worth noting that recreational marijuana will be legal in Canada starting October 17th. Coincidence? We think not. Pot stocks have been going crazy, and we can assume this will only add to that hysteria. Invest wisely, friends.

Insuring marijuana businesses

With a lack of banking and conflicting state and federal laws, marijuana businesses have to put up with a lot. An issue that receives less attention is that cannabis enterprises are prohibited from being fully insured. While this problem is far from being solved, more insurance companies are providing coverage for those in the industry. Get the details here.

South Africa legalizes cannabis

The Constitutional Court of South Africa just legalized recreational cannabis, going against the government’s wishes. South Africans are now permitted to use and grow marijuana for private consumption. However, public use and selling the drug remain illegal. Fun fact: Cannabis is known as “dagga” in South Africa.

Stoned lobsters

No, this isn’t a fun way to describe yourself after getting high and falling asleep in the sun. The owner of a lobster restaurant in Maine has decided to sedate lobsters with cannabis before cooking them. Apparently, this makes cooking the lobsters more humane. Interesting theory.

Coca-Cola to enter the cannabis sphere

The Coca-Cola Company is reportedly interested in creating a range of CBD-infused beverages. The soft drink giant plans on teaming up with Aurora Cannabis, one of Canada’s major marijuana companies. Learn more about this venture here.