Mormons vs marijuana

In a fairly unsurprising move, the Mormon Church has officially come out against Proposition 2, Utah’s medicinal cannabis initiative. Church leaders are voicing concerns that medical marijuana would negatively impact the health and safety of Utah communities. 60 percent of Utahans are Mormon, so the church’s statement could majorly influence the outcome of Proposition 2. Voters will decide on this measure November 6th.

The White House takes on legal cannabis

If you think Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the only Trump associate actively working against the marijuana industry, unfortunately, you’re wrong. The White House has formed the Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee, which recently instructed 14 federal agencies and the Drug Enforcement Administration to submit data that casts marijuana in a negative light. Get the details on this disappointing development here.

Pesticide problems at California’s illegal pot farms

There have been major issues with pesticide use at illegal marijuana farms for years. In California, this issue seems to be getting worse. Nine out of every 10 unlicensed cannabis farms raided in California this year contained traces of powerful pesticides that are detrimental to the environment. This percentage is up from previous years. Not good.

THC lingers in breast milk

Breastfeeding moms, listen up. A recently published study discovered that cannabis chemicals, including THC, were measurable in mothers’ breast milk up to six days after they consumed marijuana. The jury is still out on whether or not these low levels of chemicals affect breastfeeding infants. Learn more about this study here.

Illinois to allow medical cannabis as opioid alternative

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed the Alternative to Opioids Act into law this week. This law allows patients prescribed opioid medications to select medical marijuana instead. This seems like a smart, practical way to fight the opioid epidemic. Well done.