A new kind of CBD oil

A company has figured out how to derive cannabidiol, or CBD, without using a cannabis or hemp plant. Given the legal gray area of CBD, this is a huge deal. Peak Health Foundation has worked out a process for extracting CBD oil from humulus, a variety of hop that naturally cross-pollinated with wild cannabis. It’s new, it’s fascinating and it’s completely legal.

THC takes on epilepsy

When people talk about marijuana’s medicinal benefits, they’re oftentimes referencing CBD. THC, the cannabinoid primarily responsible for getting you stoned, doesn’t get nearly as much love. This might be changing. Two recent studies show that THC may be effective in the treatment of epilepsy. Go, THC, go! Get the details here.

Cannabis and Coors

While many companies in the alcohol sector aren’t too stoked on the marijuana industry, Molson Coors is leaning in. The beer behemoth’s Canadian division is forging a partnership with a cannabis producer to develop a marijuana-infused, nonalcoholic beverage. Making friends with the competition? Nice move.

Georgia sort of legalizes marijuana

No, not the state. The Eurasian nation of Georgia has done away with punishments for the consumption of cannabis. The ruling by Georgia’s Constitutional Court does not concern the cultivation or selling of marijuana, which remain illegal. Learn more about this noteworthy judgment here.

University-sponsored cannabis competition

Do you have a big, innovative idea related to medical marijuana? If so, you might want to check out Thomas Jefferson University’s competition for marijuana-related businesses. Winners receive money and legal support. Good deal.