Cannabis beer in Canada

Canada recently legalized marijuana, and the country’s brewers want in on the party. While quite a few breweries have crafted beers infused with THC and CBD, none have successfully made beer by brewing with the cannabis plant. Province Brands is looking to change that. Get the details about the company’s cannabis beer that supposedly hits you faster than an edible here.

New marijuana bill on data collection

A bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced the Marijuana Data Collection Act, a bill that would direct government agencies to study the impacts of marijuana programs in the states where the drug is legal. Basically, it’s a bill that fights against marijuana misinformation.

United Kingdom says yes to medical cannabis

The UK government recently announced a relaxation of the country’s medical cannabis laws. Now, doctors will be able to prescribe marijuana-derived medicine to patients. Learn more about this development here.

Sessions still hates legal weed

In a recent press conference, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reiterated his vague threats against state-legal marijuana programs. Thanks for nothing, Sessions.

Americans on marijuana and tobacco

According to a new poll, most Americans believe that tobacco is more harmful than cannabis. The times are certainly changing.