Kevin Smith’s weed show

Kevin Smith, filmmaker/actor/comedian, has a new comedy series about cannabis. “Hollyweed” focuses on two potheads managing a Los Angeles dispensary. While the pilot was filmed three years ago, it was just recently released on Rivit TV, a platform that allows viewers to vote on the future of TV shows. Smith is hoping his fans decide to keep “Hollyweed” going. Learn more about this endeavor here.

Cops in cannabis states

A newly published study found that legal cannabis programs in Colorado and Washington have led to more effective police departments. It seems that when police aren’t focusing on marijuana-related offenses, they’re able to reallocate resources and become more successful at solving other crimes. This is worth remembering for your next debate about the impact of legal cannabis on public safety.

Study on stoned driving

While it’s typically a terrible idea to get high and get behind the wheel, there is one exception. UC San Diego is conducting a study to learn more about how marijuana use impacts drivers. Participants in the study will be paid to smoke a joint and take a virtual driving test. Readers in San Diego, note that researchers are still recruiting participants.

Ganja grads

Looking for an official education in the medicinal benefits of cannabis? Starting this fall, Thomas Jefferson University is offering graduate-level certificate programs in medical marijuana. Get the details here.

Tilray makes U.S. stock exchange history

Tilray, a Canadian startup, became the first cannabis company to make its initial public offering on a U.S. stock exchange. As you might expect, investors jumped on this stock.