Broad City, a bong and a governor’s race

The women behind the hit TV show “Broad City” are giving their support to New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon in an unusual way. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are offering a signed bong to help raise money for Nixon’s campaign. The three New Yorkers support legalizing cannabis, so there’s some context for the bong. Kind of.

U.S. is banning Canadians in legal cannabis industry

U.S. border agents are reportedly issuing travel bans to those involved in Canada’s marijuana industry. Reminder: Canada recently legalized recreational cannabis. Apparently, U.S. border agents consider Canadians involved, even marginally, with Canada’s legal marijuana industry to be “drug traffickers.” Seriously.

Legal marijuana decreases Medicaid spending

A recently published study shows that over a 21-year period, doctors in medical marijuana states prescribed opioids roughly 30% less than doctors in states without medical marijuana programs. This corresponds to millions of dollars in annual Medicaid savings. Learn more about this study here.

Pot problems in Massachusetts

Recreational cannabis stores in Massachusetts were supposed to open by July 1st. That didn’t happen. One reason is that state law requires all recreational marijuana products to be tested by an independent laboratory, and state regulators have yet to license a single lab. Not good.

Rhode Island to expunge cannabis convictions

Rhode Island lawmakers decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis back in 2013. Just recently, legislation passed to allow Rhode Island residents convicted of low-level marijuana possession to have their records expunged. Good stuff.