Oklahomans say yes to medical marijuana

In a recent statewide election, Oklahoma voters approved a medical cannabis initiative. This initiative does not include a list of qualifying conditions, which is unique. Doctors will be able to decide if their patients may benefit from using medical marijuana. Welcome to the medical cannabis club, Oklahoma. We’re happy to have you.

FDA approves first cannabis-derived drug

This week, the FDA approved Epidiolex, a marijuana-derived drug used to treat two severe forms of pediatric epilepsy. This is the first cannabis-derived drug the FDA has approved. For many marijuana advocates, this affirmation that cannabis has medicinal benefits is a big win.

BIG3 and CBD

If you haven’t heard of it, the BIG3 is a professional three-on-three basketball league founded by rapper Ice Cube. The organization has made history by becoming the first professional sports league to allow the use of cannabidiol, or CBD. Learn more about this decision here.

California dispensary sales

Californians, take note. California cannabis dispensaries are having massive sales to clear out products that do not comply with the state regulations that take effect July 1st. Now is the time to stock up.

Lagunitas is branching out

Lauded craft brewery Lagunitas has created a THC-infused, IPA-flavored sparkling water. Get the details on this concoction here.