Medical marijuana takes on opioids

Two states are seeking to battle the deadly opioid epidemic by offering medical cannabis as a safer alternative to prescription painkillers. The New York Department of Health will permit anyone with an opioid prescription to use medical marijuana as an alternative treatment. Lawmakers in Illinois recently passed a bill that would allow those with opioid prescriptions to be part of the state’s medical cannabis program. Medical marijuana is being taken seriously as an alternative to opiates, which is welcome news to cannabis advocates nationwide.

Canada legalizes cannabis

Canada legalized recreational cannabis this week, and it’s a huge deal. The recently-passed Cannabis Act regulates how the drug will be grown, distributed and sold. Want the highlights? Here we go! Canadians will be able to purchase marijuana products both at retail locations and online. The minimum age to purchase and use cannabis has been set at 18. It’s expected that Canadians will be able to buy marijuana in just a few months. Bravo, Canada.

Portugal approves marijuana-based medicines

Portugal’s parliament voted to approve the use of cannabis-based medicines, and the bill is now awaiting the signature of President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. Learn more about this recent development here.

Cannabis stocks react to Canada news

If you thought that Canada legalizing marijuana would impact cannabis stocks, you were right. Marijuana stocks surged the morning after the big news.

A very expensive joint

Want to know what a $24,000 joint looks like? Here you go.