California’s marijuana regulations

When recreational cannabis became legal in California on January 1st of this year, regulators provided a six-month grace period for businesses to become compliant with the new laws. That point is now just two weeks away, and many marijuana enterprises aren’t ready for the change. Get more information about how this might impact the California cannabis market here.

Uruguay dealing with cannabis shortage

Uruguay, the first nation to legalize marijuana, is facing cannabis supply troubles. The government has only licensed two cultivators to provide the marijuana sold at pharmacies, and they aren’t producing close to the amount of bud Uruguayans are consuming. Growing pains, amirite?

Mayors supporting marijuana

What do Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and West Sacramento have in common? They all have mayors that want the federal government to remove cannabis from the list of illegal drugs. Nice.

Trump might support cannabis legislation

President Donald Trump said he “probably will end up supporting” legislation that would support and protect state-legal marijuana industries. Learn more about this bipartisan legislation and Trump’s uncertain stance here.

St. Louis changes pot policy

St. Louis will no longer prosecute cases of cannabis possession under 100 grams. The city is joining the many other American cities easing their cannabis policies. We’ll take all the good news we can get.