Congress’s new cannabis bill

A bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced a bill that aims to protect state-legal cannabis industries. The Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States (STATES) Act is sponsored by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Gardner, and Representatives Earl Blumenauer and David Joyce announced a companion bill in the House. If passed, the STATES Act would protect states with legal marijuana from federal interference by amending the Controlled Substances Act. Get the details here.

Canada is getting closer to legal marijuana

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is dedicated to making marijuana legal by this summer. Now, he’s one step closer. The Senate passed the Cannabis Act, and the bill is now heading back to the House of Commons. Members of Parliament will decide if they accept the many amendments the Senate added to the legislation. Canada could be legalizing marijuana very, very soon.

The return of Dennis Rodman, North Korea and PotCoin

Roughly one year ago, Dennis Rodman visited North Korea with sponsorship from PotCoin, a cryptocurrency for cannabis. Now, there’s word that the former NBA star will be heading to Singapore for the summit between North Korea and the United States. Again, he will be sponsored by PotCoin. The weirdness is not over.

Minneapolis stops undercover arrests for small amounts of cannabis

Citing concerns that black men were being disproportionately targeted, the Minneapolis Police Department is ending sting operations focused on low-level marijuana sales. One small step toward justice.

Colorado school nurses can now administer medical marijuana

A newly-passed bill allows school nurses in Colorado to administer medical cannabis to students, as long as parents give consent. Learn more about this trailblazing law here.