Pesticides at illegal pot farms

Pesticide use is rampant at illegal marijuana farms on California’s public lands, according to researchers and federal authorities. Carbofuran, an extremely toxic pesticide, was found at 72 percent of grow sites in 2017. For reference, a quarter of a teaspoon of Carbofuran can kill a 300 pound bear. It’s nasty stuff. Learn more about this environmental hazard here.

Medical marijuana for pets is a possibility in New York

New York may be expanding its medical marijuana law to include pets. Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow veterinarians to recommend medical cannabis to pets. If the bill passes, New York will become the first state to legalize medical marijuana for our furry friends.

California Senate seeks state cannabis bank

The California Senate just approved a bill that would create a state bank for cannabis enterprises. This is welcome news for California’s many marijuana businesses that are forced to operate largely in cash. The bill is now on its way to the State Assembly. Wish it luck.

Utahns to vote on medical marijuana

Utah has a lot of marijuana-haters, but they couldn’t stop a medical cannabis initiative from getting on this year’s ballot. We’re looking forward to seeing how this plays out come November.

Cannabis cooking show coming to Netflix

In a few short weeks, Netflix will debut “Cooking on High,” a competitive marijuana cooking show. Get the details here.