San Francisco gets tech help in righting cannabis wrongs

California’s Proposition 64 is known as the law that legalized recreational marijuana in the Golden State. What many don’t realize is that Prop 64 also authorized a pathway for Californians to have their prior cannabis-related convictions reduced or cleared. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón decided that his office would automatically apply the new law to all misdemeanor and felony cases from 1975 onward. It’s a mighty undertaking, and the DA’s office needed some help.

Enter Code For America, a tech nonprofit working to develop an app that would help automate the conviction-clearing process. As Gascón said, “When the government uses 20th-century tools to tackle 21st-century problems, it’s the public that pays the price.” Learn more about this dream team here.

Oregon marijuana farmers focus on hemp

The Oregon cannabis market is flooded, and many growers are in search of a more profitable crop. This has led many farmers to apply for state licenses to grow hemp. Hemp-derived cannabidiol, or CBD, is in high demand, and growers can rake in over $100,000 an acre cultivating the crop that produces it. That’s a lot of green.

Manhattan’s district attorney vs minor cannabis cases

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. has vowed to stop prosecuting minor marijuana cases. Vance’s reasoning? People of color are arrested and prosecuted for minor cannabis infractions at disproportionate rates. Learn more about how New York City is tackling this injustice here.

Estonian bud banner

Kanepi, a recently-formed Estonian municipality, voted on a new emblem, and a marijuana leaf was the winner. A cannabis leaf will soon adorn the official regional logo, flag and coat of arms. Well done, people of Kanepi.

Major marijuana merger

Two of Canada’s biggest cannabis companies have agreed to the most massive merger seen thus far in the industry. Aurora Cannabis Inc. is purchasing MedReleaf Corp. for $2.2 billion in stock. Yowza.