Maine lawmakers override governor’s veto on recreational marijuana

Here’s a quick recap on legal cannabis in Maine: Voters approved a legal recreational marijuana market back in 2016. Lawmakers drafted a bill to regulate the market, which Governor Paul LePage vetoed in November 2017. Lawmakers drafted another, more restrictive bill, which Governor LePage also vetoed. Caught up? Good.

On Wednesday, lawmakers decided to do right by their constituents and override the governor’s veto. Well done.

NFL denies medical cannabis request

Mike James, a current NFL free agent, was prescribed opioid painkillers following a broken ankle. After becoming addicted to the pills, James decided to try medical cannabis, which is not allowed in the NFL. Last month, he became the first player in NFL history to file for a therapeutic use exemption for medical cannabis. He was denied. Clearly, the NFL officials are continuing their streak of being adamantly against marijuana use of any kind.

Pot tasting in Colorado

A bill in Colorado that would permit cannabis “tasting rooms” has made its way to Governor John Hickenlooper’s desk. If signed, adults would be able to consume small amounts of cannabis at dispensaries, similar to how you might order a craft beer flight at a brewery. Learn more about the bill here.

YouTube vs marijuana accounts

YouTube has started shutting down accounts that feature marijuana-related content, leaving many in the community confused and upset. The powers that be at YouTube haven’t provided an official reason for the purge. Not cool.

Canadian cannabis

This week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that recreational marijuana will be legal by summer. Lucky Canadians.