Sessions may have changed his mind on marijuana

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently told a Senate panel that he believes that marijuana could be used medicinally and further research should be done. Given Sessions’ consistently hateful rhetoric regarding cannabis, these declarations come as a shock. One day before Sessions made these statements, Dr. Sanjay Gupta penned an open letter to him regarding the benefits of medical marijuana. Interesting timing, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.

Fifth Avenue dispensary

New York City’s Fifth Avenue is known for its luxury shopping, distinguished museums and upscale apartment buildings. As of last week, the infamous road is also home to one of the few Manhattan medical marijuana dispensaries. Los Angeles-based MedMen is behind this bold (and expensive) venture. Learn more about it here.

FDA panel recommends drug made from cannabis

A Food and Drug Administration panel has unanimously recommended for the FDA to approve Epidiolex, a new drug derived from marijuana. If approved, this anti-epileptic drug would be the U.S.’s first medication made from cannabis. The FDA will likely make a decision this summer.

Music video leads to six arrests

Six friends in Wichita, Kansas made a music video that features cannabis. Sounds pretty unexceptional, right? Unfortunately, marijuana is illegal in Kansas and the local authorities were notified, which led to the arrests of all six participants. Yikes.

Legal marijuana makes the Michigan ballot

A legal cannabis initiative in Michigan has received enough signatures to make it onto the fall ballot. Michigan voters will soon decide whether or not to legalize the sale, possession and use of recreational marijuana. Get the details here.