Mitch McConnell supports hemp

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced plans to introduce The Hemp Farming Act of 2018, and hemp activists are stoked. This bill would remove hemp from federal regulation as a controlled substance and treat it as an agricultural commodity. Find out more about the act here.

Marijuana meetings

States with legal recreational cannabis are requesting a meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to try to find a solution to the clash between federal and state marijuana laws. It’s hard to be optimistic when it comes to Sessions and cannabis, but we’ll do our best.

Cannabis non-profits no longer tax-exempt

When the IRS updated its policies earlier this year, the ability for cannabis advocacy groups to receive tax-exempt status was removed. Learn more about this blow to marijuana-related non-profits here.

Brewmaster ventures into marijuana

The brewer behind Blue Moon has left his career with MillerCoors to launch a line of THC-infused beers. Can we volunteer as taste testers?

Cannabis tech and coffee

Technology developed in the marijuana sector is helping out other industries, like the coffee business. Sharing is caring.