Legal cannabis and homelessness

Law enforcement and anti-marijuana politicians in Colorado have been claiming that legal marijuana leads to increases in homelessness. A recently published study indicates otherwise. The research did not find evidence that links cannabis legalization to an increase in the homeless population, but concluded that the main causes of homelessness include unemployment and a lack of affordable housing. No surprises there.

Secondhand smoke risks

Many people are aware of the risks of secondhand cigarette smoke, but there hasn’t been much talk about secondhand cannabis smoke. A professor at University of California, San Francisco decided to dig into this subject. His team found found that the effects of inhaling secondhand smoke from marijuana can be severe. Learn more about the research here.

Ricky Williams starts marijuana company

Ex-NFL player Ricky Williams has been an advocate of medical marijuana for many years, but he and the league weren’t on the same page. He failed four drug tests during his professional career. Now, he’s launching his own cannabis brand. Real Wellness by Ricky Williams will be available in California dispensaries.

Utah’s medical cannabis bill

Governor Gary Hubert of Utah recently signed a bill that gives terminally ill individuals the freedom to try medical cannabis. The bill doesn’t specify where these people can receive medical marijuana or if they can grow it themselves. Less than ideal, but it’s a start.

Marijuana scratch and sniff cards

Police in Northern Ireland are concerned that the public doesn’t know what cannabis smells like, so they’re handing out marijuana scratch and sniff cards. The more you know.