Weedmaps vs Bureau of Cannabis Control

Weedmaps is a cannabis community website that, among other things, features ads from California marijuana businesses. California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control sent a letter to Weedmaps, explaining that since the website occasionally shows ads for companies that are not licensed by the state, it is in violation of state law. Weedmaps executives countered with their own letter, insisting that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects the company. Section 230 is a federal law that asserts that a website cannot be held liable for the actions of its users. Such drama!

Virginia’s medical marijuana expansion

Until recently, medical cannabis was only available to Virginia residents afflicted with epilepsy. Fortunately, last Friday, Governor Ralph Northam approved the expansion of the state’s medical marijuana program. Doctors will now be able to recommend cannabis for patients as they see fit. Many are hoping this expansion will assist in the fight against Virginia’s opioid crisis. Smart move.

Hemp company to hire workers with cannabis convictions

Hikurangi Hemp, a New Zealand-based hemp company, aims to hire growers with marijuana convictions. The company’s leaders see workers convicted of cannabis-related crimes as assets to the company. Here’s hoping other marijuana businesses follow suit.

Snoop Dogg’s reefer-related venture firm

Rapper Snoop Dogg founded Casa Verde Capital, a venture capital firm, to invest in ancillary marijuana companies. The firm has closed its inaugural fund after landing $45 million from investors. Learn more about Casa Verde’s investments here.

Governor of New Jersey wants legal marijuana by the end of 2018

When Phil Murphy ran for Governor of New Jersey in 2017, he was vocal in his support of legalizing recreational cannabis. Now that he’s in office, Murphy has asked state lawmakers to legalize marijuana by the end of 2018.  It’s go time.