Lawsuit against Jeff Sessions dismissed

A diverse group of cannabis advocates decided to sue Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the grounds that marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I drug is so absurd that it violates the U.S. Constitution. This week, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit. He showed sympathy for plaintiffs, but ultimately ruled that the Drug Enforcement Administration has authority in this matter. Learn more about this case here.

California sends warning to unlicensed marijuana businesses

When California’s legal marijuana regulations went into effect on January 1st of this year, many cannabis enterprises did their due diligence and obtained licenses. However, not all marijuana businesses went the legal route, and California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) is on the case. The BCC has sent over 500 warning letters to unlicensed businesses. Yikes.

The cannabis candidate

A former FBI employee is running for Congress, and he wants to make his stance on marijuana crystal clear. Benjamin Thomas Wolf is marketing himself as the “Cannabis Candidate,” going so far as to shoot a campaign ad shows him toking up in front of an image of the American flag. Check it out here.

Racial gap in NYPD’s marijuana arrests

Statistics on the New York Police Department’s arrests show that 86 percent of those arrested for marijuana-related offenses are black and Latino. City Council members criticized NYPD cops and officials over this troubling racial disparity, but it remains to be seen what steps will be taken to correct this.

Colorado’s pot laws and college baseball

A high school senior in Colorado reached out to a Texas university’s baseball team, and was told by the head coach that the program isn’t taking Colorado recruits because of their trouble passing drugs tests. Seriously. He also told the student to thank his liberal politicians.