Legalization in Canada is behind schedule

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had planned to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide by July 1st, but that didn’t materialize. The government will vote on the recreational cannabis bill July 7th, and it will take eight to 12 weeks after that for Canada’s provinces and territories to prepare for legal pot sales. Hold tight, northerly neighbors.

Cannabis industry projections

If you’re feeling uncertain about the marijuana industry’s future in the U.S., this might make you feel better. According to a new report, the cannabis trade will create 414,000 jobs across the nation by 2021. The industry will also rake in over $4 billion in taxes for state and local governments. Check out more of the report’s findings here.

Licensing troubles in California

A newly released report shows an alarming statistic: Less than one percent of California’s known cannabis growers have been licensed by the state. Clearly, the California government has some work to do to bring black market growers into compliance.

Doobies don’t make boobies

A Canadian police officer offered some questionable advice at a recent drug awareness panel. The officer told attendees that marijuana lowers testosterone and “doobies make boobies.” These statements are, of course, false. Alternative facts.

Indiana’s crazy court ruling

The Indiana Court of Appeals has ruled that police officers can legally perform vehicle searches if drivers admit they have possessed marijuana at any point in their lives. Seriously. Read more about this absurd ruling here.