Medical marijuana sales begin in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program was signed into law in April 2016, and after nearly two years of planning, dispensaries finally opened their doors this week. The program is pretty restrictive—patients can’t purchase flowers or edibles—but starting small is better than not starting at all.

Berkeley becomes cannabis sanctuary city

The city of Berkeley has enacted a policy that prohibits city departments, officers and employees from using city funds to enforce federal marijuana laws. This makes Berkeley the first cannabis sanctuary city in the U.S. Check out the details here.

Chelsea Handler announces pot line

Comedian Chelsea Handler is the latest celebrity to announce her foray into the marijuana business world. She used her Instagram page to proclaim this new venture, but has yet to reveal any specifics. Stay tuned.

Elderly patients may benefit from marijuana use

Have you talked to your grandparents about cannabis? According to a recently published study, adults over the age of 65 may benefit greatly from the use of medical marijuana. Learn more about the research here.

Colorado weed sales reach $1.5 billion in 2017

Colorado’s legal marijuana industry reached a new high in 2017: $1.5 billion in sales. The state amassed $247 million in taxes and fees revenue from these sales. Whoa.