The social media challenge for dabbers

From swallowing spoonfuls of cinnamon to biting pods of laundry detergent, social media “challenges” have become quite popular. If you’ve been waiting for a marijuana-specific challenge, here you go: the Crab Dab Challenge. Participants hold a crab, who in turn holds the dab tool. It’s hard to describe. Just look at the pictures.

Seattle to tackle marijuana misdemeanors

Seattle’s mayor and city attorney have announced plans to dismiss misdemeanor cannabis possession convictions that were prosecuted before marijuana was legalized in Washington state. It is estimated this action will erase over 500 criminal convictions from court records. First San Francisco, then Seattle. Who’s next?

Brewing with bud

A Canadian company has filed a patent for beers brewed entirely from the cannabis plant. While some companies have crafted wines and beers enriched with marijuana, Province Brands appears to be the first to go all in on cannabeer. Nice.

Girl Scout sets up outside of dispensary

A Girl Scout in San Diego set up shop outside a marijuana dispensary and sold over 300 boxes of cookies within six hours. Well done, brilliant child and future businesswoman.

Crime plummets in Uruguay following legalization

Uruguay legalized the sale and possession of cannabis last July. Since then, drug-related crime has already plunged 20 percent. Learn more about this good news here.