Restorative justice bill introduced

A group of House Democrats introduced a companion bill to the Senate’s Marijuana Justice Act. This bill would not only remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act list, but also provide restorative justice to communities disproportionately affected by marijuana prohibition. Get the details here.

Thailand to legalize medical marijuana

Thailand has had decades of extreme drug prohibition. There was a brutal war on drugs, similar to what is transpiring in the Philippines. Fortunately, the Thai government has had a change of heart. Officials are planning to rewrite the nation’s drug laws and legalize medical marijuana. Well done.

Los Angeles awards first recreational licenses

Weeks after recreational marijuana became legal in California, Los Angeles officials finally issued the city’s first recreational licenses to cannabis dispensaries. Now, these pot shops are waiting for state approval. Hold tight, people of L.A. Your legal cannabis is on its way.

Governor of Vermont to sign recreational cannabis bill

Governor Phil Scott of Vermont expects to sign a bill this weekend that will legalize recreational marijuana. This will make Vermont the first state to legalize cannabis through the legislative process, as opposed to a citizen vote. This is a BFD.

Choosing between guns and grass

Do you own a firearm? Do you use cannabis? According to the federal government, you need to make a choice. Federal law prohibits marijuana users from having guns or ammunition. As you might imagine, many Americans aren’t happy about this.