California’s computer tracking system not ready

California residents and dispensaries were stoked for legal recreational marijuana sales to begin on January 1st, but the computer system that cannabis businesses are supposed to use to track pot from seed to sale isn’t quite ready. Businesses are being asked to document everything manually. If you’re wondering why there aren’t numbers for California’s first day of recreational cannabis sales, this is why.

Sessions plots cannabis crackdown

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a known marijuana-hater, has lifted a policy that kept federal authorities from going after cannabis businesses in states where the drug is legal. This gives federal prosecutors the authority to target dispensaries and growers that are in compliance with state law. If you’re angry and confused, you’re not alone. The backlash has been intense.

Merry Munchie Meal

Snoop Dogg is partnering with Jack in the Box to introduce a limited-edition combo meal geared toward potheads. The Merry Munchie Meal will be available at three Jack in the Box locations in California. It includes two tacos, five churros, chicken strips, french fries, onion rings and a small drink, all for a mere $4.20. Get it?

Mike Tyson plans pot resort

Mike Tyson wants in on the marijuana industry. He plans to open a cannabis resort in Southern California that will grow the plant, as well as boast a “glamping” site and edibles factory. Learn more about this future wonderland here.

Marijuana stocks plummet

If you thought that Jeff Sessions’ cannabis announcement would be bad for business, you were right. Cannabis stocks have plunged.