Reminder: don’t drive high

Officials want you to know that even though recreational marijuana becomes legal in California on January 1st, driving while under the influence is still very illegal. There is no legal threshold for the amount of cannabis that can be in a driver’s system, and there is no widely accepted standard for exposing marijuana impairment. Better be safe and just not drive even a little bit stoned.

Canada’s indigenous people insist say in marijuana laws

As Canada prepares to legalize recreational cannabis, the leaders of Canada’s indigenous communities are demanding the right to determine the marijuana laws within their own territories. Learn more about how those in the First Nations want to handle cannabis here.

More pregnant women using marijuana

Recent studies have shown that more pregnant women are using cannabis. The health effects of marijuana use on a fetus are unclear, but it could lead to developmental issues down the road. For the record, doctors discourage pregnant women from using cannabis.

Stoner Santas

An elderly couple was driving from California to the Northeast when cops pulled them over in Nebraska. The duo had 60 pounds of cannabis, which they insisted was for Christmas presents. That’s a lot of green to give.

Monica Lewinsky weed

If you’re nostalgic for the 90s, here’s one way to channel that era: the Monica Lewinsky strain of bud.