Canadian cannabis giants battle over hostile takeover bid

Those interested in marijuana investments may already know that Aurora Cannabis Inc. is going after CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. with a $453 million offer. CanniMed is trying to stave off this hostile takeover by claiming that Aurora violated securities laws. Learn more about this muddle here.

Cheech Marin joins forces with California Secretary of State

Cannabizfile is the California Secretary of State’s online destination for entrepreneurs interested in starting a marijuana business in the state. A new public service announcement for this site features Cheech Marin, comedian and cannabis lover. That’s one way to get street cred.

California issues first licenses for recreational marijuana

California just issued its first batch of business licenses for recreational marijuana enterprises. These temporary licenses are good for 120 days. Reminder: recreational cannabis becomes legal in California on January 1st, 2018.

Stoned yoga in Massachusetts

Marijuana officials in Massachusetts took preliminary votes to allow the sale and use of cannabis at various establishments, including restaurants, movie theaters and yoga studios. Check it out here.

Cannabis Christmas wreaths

If you want to show your love for Christmas decorations and marijuana at the same time, there’s a perfect product for you: cannabis Christmas wreaths.