The lowdown on scromiting

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, an illness caused by excessive cannabis use that can bring about incapacitating nausea, has been making headlines recently. It is real, but it only affects a small portion of the population. However, it is seen frequently enough that some doctors have coined the term “scromiting,” a portmanteau of “screaming” and “vomiting.” The cure? Stop using marijuana.

Los Angeles to become largest city with legal marijuana

This week, the Los Angeles City Council approved regulations for the recreational cannabis industry. When California’s recreational marijuana laws go into effect on on January 1st, 2018, LA will be ready to go. In fact, the City of Angels will become the largest U.S. city with legal cannabis. Good on you, LA.

No bankruptcy aid for cannabis businesses

At this point, most followers of marijuana-related news know that businesses in the cannabis industry have banking issues. The Department of Justice would also like to make it clear that marijuana enterprises cannot claim bankruptcy. Learn more here.

Army grants waivers for pot smokers

The Army is getting with the times and granting waivers for past marijuana use. In fact, over 500 people received this specific waiver this year. Quick note to interested parties: this doesn’t mean you can use cannabis while enlisted.

Weed nasal spray

Are you sick of smoking, vaping and ingesting marijuana? Now, you can snort it. Seriously.