Tax cuts for marijuana businesses

Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado wants to attach an amendment to a tax reform bill that would allow state-legal cannabis businesses to deduct normal operating expenses from their taxes. As it stands, those behind legal marijuana businesses can’t take any of the deductions available to other enterprises. Learn more about this amendment and the issue behind it here.

Rick Steves pushes for legal cannabis in Illinois

Beloved travel writer and television host Rick Steves trekked to Chicago to speak his mind on legal marijuana. He was there to support a state proposal to legalize recreational cannabis. Steves, who has been a vocal supporter of legalization for years, said, “This is not a pro-pot movement. This is an anti-prohibition movement.” Let’s hope Illinois lawmakers agree.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland will finally open

Back in 2014, lawmakers legalized medical marijuana in Maryland. After numerous legal and bureaucratic issues, dispensaries are finally poised to open this week. Thousands of Maryland residents are already certified to purchase medical cannabis, so sales should take off quickly. Welcome to the 21st century, Maryland.

Ziplining weed

Do you seek adventure? Are you not concerned about the prison sentence that comes with getting caught for smuggling drugs? If you answered yes to both of these, you might be perfect for a new endeavor: ziplining pot across the United States-Mexico border.

San Francisco’s recreational cannabis sales to start in January

Cannabis enthusiasts of San Francisco, rejoice. The Board of Supervisors has agreed to recreational marijuana regulations that could have sales starting as soon as January 5th. Check it out here.