Cannabis churches or illegal dispensaries?

California officials aren’t feeling the love for two San Jose churches that offer pot to patrons. Judges have ordered the churches, one Rastafarian and the other Native American, to cease distributing marijuana. The Rastafarian church also features a welcome video with a bong-smoking Jesus, which some people aren’t thrilled about. You can’t make everyone happy.

No pot ads on San Francisco public transit

San Francisco is known for being a fairly marijuana-friendly city, but it does have its limits. The Municipal Transportation Agency has decided to ban ads for cannabis businesses from its buses, trains and cable cars. Read more about the reasoning behind the ban here.

Nelly can’t rap about weed in Saudi Arabia

Rapper Nelly will visit Saudi Arabia next month to perform, but he may need to make some lyric revisions beforehand. Other musicians visiting the country have been instructed not to mention alcohol, marijuana or sex. We’ll see how Nelly manages.

Cannabis advent calendars

Do you live in British Columbia? Do you love Christmas as much as you love cannabis? One company on Vancouver Island is offering an advent calendar featuring a different strain of marijuana each day. ‘Tis the season.

Black Friday marijuana deals in Vegas

Some people flock to electronics stores on Black Friday. Others head to upscale malls. In Las Vegas, cannabis enthusiasts can check out the many dispensaries offering Black Friday deals. Lucky Nevadans.