Stoned fish

Farmed fish can get stressed about their crowded living conditions, which leaves them more susceptible to illnesses. Scientists in Lebanon wanted to see if marijuana lowered that stress, so they gave some penned tilapia cannabis oil. The results? The stoned fish were not healthier or less stressed, but their metabolisms increased. Duly noted.

Former NBA commissioner talks cannabis

David Stern, former commissioner of the NBA, said that marijuana should probably be taken off of the league’s banned substances list. If only Stern had been vocal about this during his time as commissioner.

Posh pipes

A young art dealer is making a name for himself by selling high-end marijuana paraphernalia. Prices climb as high as $300,000. See some of these beautiful (and expensive) pieces here.

Bonsai trees or pot plants?

A Japanese man was arrested in Osaka for growing and selling cannabis, which he had meticulously cultivated to look like bonsai trees. Very impressive. Also, very illegal.

How marijuana can help sick kids

Medical marijuana is effective at treating seizures and chemotherapy-induced nausea in children, according to a new study. Read more about the research here.