Cannabis arrests on the rise

Despite an increasing number of states legalizing medical and/or recreational marijuana, cannabis-related arrests aren’t going anywhere. Police arrested people for cannabis 653,249 times in 2016, which is up about 10,000 instances from 2015. Marijuana possession accounts for the vast majority of these arrests. Not good.

MLB isn’t happy with Wiz

Rapper Wiz Khalifa threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Pittsburgh Pirates game while wearing a “Legalize it” shirt. Major League Baseball felt the need to release an official statement condemning his actions. Don’t invite Wiz if you don’t want to hear about weed.

CBD oil briefly on

CW Hemp, makers of cannabidiol-rich oils and capsules, ever-so-briefly had its hemp-derived products sold on They were up Thursday morning and taken down by Thursday afternoon. Is this a step forward? A step back? Hard to tell.

University offers marijuana major

Northern Michigan University is offering a medicinal plant chemistry program that will prepare students for chemist positions in the cannabis industry. This is the first four-year degree program of its kind. Learn more about it here.

Nevada’s first month of cannabis sales

The numbers are in from Nevada’s first month of recreational marijuana sales. In July alone, dispensaries sold $27 million of cannabis products. That’s a lot of tax revenue.