Hawaii goes cashless

With the marijuana industry’s banking problems, many businesses are forced to operate (dangerously) as cash-only enterprises. Hawaii isn’t having any of that. All eight of the state’s licensed medical marijuana dispensaries have agreed to go cashless by October 1st. Patients will be asked to use a debit payment app. Learn more about the system here.

California bans pot delivery by drone

State employees are preparing California’s legal marijuana regulations in preparation for the start of 2018. One impending regulation bans the use drones and self-driving cars to deliver cannabis. This is surely bumming out some companies who were ready to move on from human-delivered weed.

Feds request medical marijuana patient info

A federal anti-drug task force has been requesting information about medical cannabis patients in multiple states with legal medical marijuana programs. Many are concerned this data will be used as ammunition for a federal crackdown on legal cannabis. Time will tell.

Teens are smoking less post-legalization

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that in 2016, marijuana use by American 12-to-17-year-olds dropped to its lowest rate in more than 20 years. Take this as further proof that legalization isn’t destroying this nation’s youth.

Senate bill introduced with weed puns

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch introduced a Senate bill that would make it easier to research the medical benefits of marijuana. Check out his pun-filled introduction here.