Gorilla Glue lawsuit

You may know Gorilla Glue as your favorite hybrid marijuana strain. Your dad may know Gorilla Glue as a really strong adhesive. The company that produces the latter isn’t thrilled about sharing a name with a cannabis strain. The Gorilla Glue Company, maker of adhesive products, is suing GG Strains LLC, producer of pot. One thing is certain: cannabis is no longer an underground industry. Check out the lawsuit details here.

Cards Against Humanity releases Weed Pack

The company behind Cards Against Humanity recently released a “Weed Pack” addition, with all proceeds going toward the Marijuana Policy Project. Cards Against Humanity, for the uninitiated, is a basically an obscene Apples to Apples. In fact, the game’s tagline is, “A party game for horrible people.” Horrible people doing good things.

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks marijuana

Neil deGrasse Tyson, famed astrophysicist, briefly discussed cannabis during a Facebook Live question and answer session. Tyson said that there’s no reason for marijuana to have ever been made illegal. Probably not enough to change the current administration’s mind on pot, but we’re glad to have him on our side.

Hawaii’s first dispensary opens

Last week, we told you about how Hawaii finally approved its first lab to conduct medical marijuana sample testing. This week, the Hawaii Department of Health issued a formal notice allowing an Oahu dispensary to begin marijuana sales to registered patients. Learn more about Hawaii’s first dispensary here.

NIH announces long-term cannabis study

The National Institutes of Health has awarded a grant to researchers to conduct a study on whether medical marijuana reduces opioid use in adults suffering from chronic pain. This is the first federally funded attempt to research this subject. This is also a big step in the right direction.