Less dispensaries, more crime

A new study shows that closing medical marijuana dispensaries causes an increase in the crime rates of those neighborhoods. According to the data, the closures of medical cannabis dispensaries were linked to an increase in theft, car break-ins and other offenses in the areas surrounding the establishments. The researchers found that the foot traffic associated with dispensaries contributes to safer neighborhoods. Learn more about the research here.

The Feds are investigating Colorado cannabis

Officials from the Drug Enforcement Agency and the White House have been meeting with Colorado Springs residents, including the mayor and the police chief, to discuss Colorado’s marijuana black market. This has cannabis advocates concerned that the federal government might be planning a crackdown in states with legal marijuana. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

Uruguay starts selling recreational weed

Uruguay just became the first country in the world to legally sell recreational marijuana. This week, 16 pharmacies began selling cannabis to those on a national registry. The two strains currently being sold contain just 2% THC, which is very weak. The ganja isn’t great, but it’s a start.

400 pounds of marijuana found in new cars

Investigators have discovered over 400 pounds of cannabis stashed inside the trunks of 15 new Fords. These vehicles were made in Mexico and shipped to the U.S. to sell. Now you know to always check the spare tire compartment when buying a new car.

Colorado hits half a billion in pot tax revenue

Colorado has hit a major milestone by raking in $500 million in state revenue from legal marijuana sales. Check out what the advocates and critics are saying about it here.